I sense…

…the relatively calm chapter of life with an immobile baby is fast coming to a close.

…using the diaper-changing table is most likely becoming more hazardous to both Skyler and myself. Whether she is flipping to her belly in mid-change, or grabbing a pooh-filled Pamper and shaking it like her favorite rattle, we’re soon going to need a new arrangement.

…she knows a lot more words than I realize she does. That is a good and bad thing. The good: she understands bottle, toe, belly, finger, thumb, ring, Duck, Pink Bear, Brown Dog (the previous three are her very creatively named stuffed animals), Bruno, Daddy, Mommy, and surely a wealth of other things that I haven’t realized yet. Hopefully not those four letter words that get uttered occasionally by members of the household that will be left unnamed (and there’s not just one of them).

…a couple more upper teeth on the horizon. The casual sipping of bottles, gnawing on the nipple, and lack of interest in four ounces when just three days ago 10 ounces was not enough. Oh, and she’s back to nose-biting (as in grab the closest human’s face by the ears and yank them faceforward, clinching their nose between her four teeth).

…that Skyler is just as thrilled with our sluggish air conditioner as we are in these 100+ heat-index days. Nothin’ like sweating in a diaper. Yuck.

…writing a legal will is not going to be fun, and not something to take lightly. I can’t even think about not being in this world to raise Skyler should something unexpected happen. There is just NO ONE fit to bring her up the way we can, no matter how I look at it. (So, God, I’ll just put Baby Einstein and Veggie Tales down as her potential guardians, but we’ve got an agreement that this will never be necessary, cool? Cool. Amen.)

…my baby has precious little “baby” left in her. We’ve been surprisingly blessed by her somewhat prolonged babyhood, but when I stop and think about life only 10, 6, and even 2 months ago, I see how much has changed, and I realize the precious “baby days” of my sweet little girl are quickly coming to an end. And my heart hurts a little.


3 responses to “I sense…”

  1. I love your mom’s comment below. Sometimes I think about how much I’ll miss these baby/toddler days, as if life ahead won’t be nearly as exciting, but I know it will be. I already tear up sometimes when I walk by Hank’s elementary school and think of him with his big backpack on for the first day of school!

  2. As a mom, I know what you mean with many of your comments. Those days when you were a baby and I could just cuddle you and rock you to sleep were so precious. But God is good because He also allows us to enjoy the new things that come along. There is so much joy in seeing your child say their first “real” word, taking that first step, learning to read, going off to school, coming home with the schools’s highest art award, shopping for a dress for the school dance, coming into your bedroom and telling you about this really cute boy at school, helping her with her wedding plans, and watching her grow to love a child she hasn’t met yet. Lori, as a mom, there are so many joys ahead and you will treasure each one and think it’s the best part of watching your child grow. God is gracious and helps us to enjoy each phase of the life of our children. Well, maybe not all the teenage years!

  3. Enjoy the comment best about your “will.” You make a very good point. Smiles while reading the portion when you are talking to God=)!

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