I hate infant carseats!

Why can’t I be raising my baby in the day where infant carseats consisted of a little box that sat in the back seat so the baby didn’t roll everywhere? As safe and secure as these things are supposed to be these days, they make it nearly impossible to do any sort of maintenance. First, the base is impossible for me to get in and out of the car. I always have to have Ronnie do it because I can’t undo the little clips that attach down under the seat.

Second, you’d think with as much as babies are known for spitting up and spilling things, they’d make the carseats easier to clean. Skyler managed to puke right as we were about to head out the door to go to the mall, and I’m sitting here with the darn manual trying to figure out how to get the padded cover of the carseat off so I can throw it in the wash. It’s impossible! I can read and understand the manual perfectly fine, but what they are asking me to do with the size of my fingers and the small spaces available to unclip things – yeah right! I feel stuck because I have to clean it if I ever want to take Skyler anywhere again, but yet I can’t get the thing taken apart! I want to cry. Especially since I planned to do some much needed shopping to find some spring clothes that would fit my big butt and thighs. Did I mention I want to cry? It is noon, and Ronnie won’t even be home till after eight, so I have no help!

3 responses to “I hate infant carseats!”

  1. Oh wait until they are Landon’s age and its no longer the car seat thats the issue its the child that is throwing a fit because he DOESNT want to go bye bye in his car seat and you try and bend their body to sit them in the seat…ooono, it doesnt bend!

  2. Yeah, I thought the ‘latch’ system sounded so much easier…but I can hardly get to the metal part much less cram the little clips back there and hook them on!
    I just about cried once when I realized I was PANTING after getting his seat in…sad.
    I hope you are able to go shopping soon. Sounds like you are in need of some good retail therapy!

  3. Girl, I am right there with ya! I hate these carseats as well. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for them but they sure do provide a lot of frustration.

    Can you do some online shopping? I know, I know… NOT the same thing as the real deal but at least it’s something. Maybe Skyler was just sabatoging you so that you would stay home and play with her more. 😉

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