“I can’t remember the last thing that I don’t remember”

Quoted by my brother, Matt, yesterday, while in recovery after getting his spleen removed. Obviously he was on some drugs, but the rest of us got quite a laugh out of that comment!

So yes, yesterday was a little exciting for our family, as my brother went to the ER yesterday morning for terrible pain in his left side. After some testing they thought his spleen was bruised, then later saw that it was ruptured. The doctors decided to hospitalize him for a few days to watch and see if it healed itself. However yesterday afternoon his CT scan results came back showing he’d already bled a lot internally, so they just wanted to get the thing out. They performed the quick surgery yesterday evening while my parents and younger brother and I waited patiently in the hospital. We finally got to see him briefly at around 9 pm, though he was in pretty bad shape. He has an unfortunate allergy to aspirin, which limits the nurses in what pain meds they can give him, so it’s been a struggle to keep him comfortable. But hopefully in a few days he’ll be ready to go back home. Thank God he’s okay and humans can live without their spleens!

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