I can’t believe my ears!

Our social worker came in this morning to discuss with me the possibility of Skyler going home tomorrow! She said the cardiac team is inclined to think that Skyler will have much faster and better recovery in the comforts of home than here at the hospital. All her medications are oral now, so we can give them. The other main concern is her weight gain, which at first one of the residents said she would need to show good weight gain before leaving here. But the cardiac team and the social worker agreed that she might actually gain weight better at home where she is more comfortable and back on her regular routine. I completely agree! She’s already been showing a lot of improvement in her eating, so I have no doubt she’s headed in the right direction. The social worker said at this point, our own parental assessment of Skyler’s behavior and appearance holds a lot of value, because we know her. And she is back to being her adorable happy self, minus the tragic interruptions of the nurses every so often. The cardiac nurse practitioner also came in and went over all her medications (five, not including any pain meds) and how/when to administer them. They will remove the tube in her nose that goes to her tummy before her next feeding so now we have to do all her meds through her mouth. Fun!

They had ordered another sonogram for this afternoon but rescheduled for tomorrow. Because of this, I’m not completely confident we’ll get out of here tomorrow, but at least it sounds like it could be soon! They also required that both Ronnie and I be CPR certified before we can take her home. He is already for his job, but they signed me up for a class tomorrow afternoon here at the hospital. I’m glad to learn it, but it’s also scary to think that knowledge could help save a life sometime! Yikes!

Skyler’s been pretty moody today – she’s been super happy but then gets hysterical when the nurses come in. At least she recovers quickly usually. She ate a solid four ounces at lunch and then a whole bunch of rice cereal, AND took all her medicine! She seemed nice and satisfied afterward. I think she’s finally napping now. She’s already awake a lot more than she was pre-surgery. Seems like she’s only been taking one, maybe two naps a day now that she’s feeling better. But we’ll see how it goes once she’s home and back into a routine. She gets woken up quite often here, so it’s hard to know how much she’s actually sleeping! When she’s not napping today, she’s been incredibly focused on the IV setup on her left hand. They aren’t using it, but they started it just in case she needed something. She’s been busy pulling and twisting at it with her other hand, trying to take it off. I wouldn’t put it passed her to figure it out, either!

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  1. Yay I’m so glad to hear you’re soon to be on your way home!!! I’m sure Skyler is too. I really am proud of you for the way you’ve handled this whole situation, I don’t know that I could’ve been that strong.

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