I <3 Summer!

Summer has always been my favorite season – I can go sock-free in flip flops, enjoy the feeling of sunshine, and there’s just so much more to do! I’m an on-the-go kind of person who loves to have plans, so by the time Winter is over, my summer calendar is usually filled to the brim and busting through the seams!

But it keeps me so busy. I feel that’s all I’ve written about is how busy we are lately! Anyway, I finally got the Rockfest video montage done. I really wanted to use a song from one of the band’s playing, but they are all a little heavier rock sound than would be universally enjoyable for this video, so I played it safe with some Def Leppard. Enjoy! (You can also see it at Mommy Madness KC and vote for me – you can vote as many times as you want, so please do!)


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