Home Sweet Home!

Flying home from a vacation never felt so good! As soon as our plane touched down from today’s bumpy, windy landing in KC, I wanted to burst out with tears of joy! We were home safely and would be seeing Skyler very soon.

We are super exhausted from what we wish would’ve been an amazing trip. It wasn’t a bad time and there were certainly some highlights, but it was not the trip we had hoped for. Between gross food and a resort swarming with Mexican children running rampant with little parental control, it just wasn’t the romantic getaway we had planned. The best meal we ate the whole trip were the cheeseburgers we ate at the TGI Friday’s in Dallas airport today on our layover! Tomorrow I will try and post photos (don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all bad, I mean we were on a tropical beach for several days), but otherwise we are taking a final day off work to spend with Skyler resting up to get back to real life.

As Dorothy says, “there’s no place like home” and I’ve never felt it so strong!


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