Notice the new customized header to this page? That is the creative and phenomenally fast work of my friend Rebecca. When I announced the new blog via email, she said something about designing me a header and pretty much before I could reply, she emailed it to me. I’m pretty sure it was less than ten minutes! She guessed on the size so I had to crop off a bit of it to fit, but otherwise, I’m quite pleased! Eventually I want to practice my graphic design skills and design my own, but I love this one for the meantime. Thanks, Rebecca!

Rebecca is my awesome photographer friend who has taken all of our major “life” photos, like Ronnie’s and my engagement, our wedding, my maternity pics, and Skyler’s portraits. Notice I link to her photography blog in the right column, not just because I love to advertise for her, but her blog is actually the main blog that I visit regularly. I love to keep up with her work and see all the cool stuff she does!

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