Hodge Podge

– Halloween was a success! I was going to do a whole blog post on it but haven’t had the time…maybe that will come later. Skyler’s persistence to be Goofy worked out despite the lack of readily available costumes. It just forced this mama to get creative, and who doesn’t love going to the craft store?

– I have totally stuck with my recent commitment to eating better and working out, and am in the middle of my third consecutive week of this. The scale does not say even one pound of difference, but I feel way better and know in the long run, I’ll reach my goal if I keep this up. I’m already thinking about what I want to be my next race, and this time I really want to train hard to improve my time significantly, instead of just “finish without dying.” I also really really really want to get back to where working out is just a regular ol’ normal part of my life, and not some obsessive goal that I do well for a few weeks every now and then.

– I really thought I was going crazy after I ran out of gas while driving to work last Monday morning, for the THIRD TIME since I bought the Envoy in January. Really? How does a person do this? Am I that irresponsible of a driver (especially since Skyler was in the car with me every time this happened)? My gas light would never come on until the moment the engine shut down and the steering wheel locked up, and my range would say 35 + miles left. I finally took it to the shop this week to get looked at, along with a couple other minor things I needed addressed. Sure enough, my fuel level sensor had gone bad! So, I am not crazy or irresponsible, at least when it comes to getting gas in my car!

– Thanksgiving is this month. Thanksgiving is THIS MONTH! Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s about to be holiday season – I’ve barely given up my flip flops yet this season! It’s been an amazing Fall for weather – like I’ve never been a huge fan of Fall because it’s usually chilly, gray, and rainy, but this one – I’ll take more of these sunny, mild days!


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