Sunday began the coldest of the cold weather streaks I’ve ever experienced here in Kansas, which meant for our wonderful diesel engine Jetta, it would begin hibernation and there was no going anywhere. We tried all our tricks to get it started on Sunday, but to no avail. And the weather forecast didn’t show any temperatures above the teens for a whole week, which did not bode well for getting the car started. We caved in and ordered an engine block heater to install so we could plug it in at night and it would stay warm enough to start on cold mornings. Problem with this was we’d need to get the car started and over to my dad’s garage to install it, so we knew we were really stuck for awhile since it would be too cold to start it all week. Luckily my mom was kind enough to loan me her Chevy Trailblazer for the week, and just in time for the umpteenth dump of snow in the last several weeks that came on Wednesday.

We’ve been back and forth for the last several months on whether or not to sell or trade the Jetta for a larger non-diesel vehicle for me. The Jetta has less than a year to pay on it, so if we could hang on, then Ronnie could take over it at that point and I’d get my new car (he currently drives an old beat up Ford ZX2 which we lovingly call the P.O.S.). But last week’s inconveniences seemed to finally push us over the edge. Driving my mom’s Trailblazer really helped me narrow down what I wanted, which was pretty much just that. It was spacious and rode well but didn’t feel too big. It had heated leather seats, which are perfect since we don’t have a garage, and the leather would be easy to keep clean with children in the car. And the 4 wheel drive made getting through the pile of snow the plow had left at the end of our driveway like no big deal. I was sold (too bad my mom’s car wasn’t for sale!)

So we’re approved for a car loan, looked at some vehicles yesterday, and have some promising options. Today my dad and Ronnie got the engine block heater installed and I cleaned out the car. It still needs a good vacuum, but otherwise, we’re ready to trade it in. I’m crossing my fingers, praying, and hoping we can get what we need for the trade in so I can be in my new vehicle very soon. The car books for more trade-in value than we owe despite the mileage, but I think it’s still going to be a tough sell for a dealer. All we can do is give it a try, and hope it all works out. I have to remember that if it doesn’t, then that is the way things are meant to be right now.

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