Here I go again…

…playing catch up. I didn’t realize it had been so long since my last post! We haven’t even been busy; I’ve just been in a funk. Because we haven’t been busy. All Spring and Summer up until we got back from Vegas, we’ve had plans most weekends. I love it and I hate it, but mostly I love it. I thrive on getting out of the house, and most of all, socializing. I don’t need a party of 100 people to have fun, but getting away and visiting, even if just with one other person at their house, that keeps me sane.

I’ve always been a planner and liked to have plans. My parents used to give me a hard time in highschool because I could never just relax at home. And nothing has changed. Now and then after several weeks of busy I’ll long for nothing to do. But as soon as I have that free weekend, I’m over it by mid-Saturday and antsy for some plans.

On top of that, I’ve never been in love with our house. Even after all the work we’ve done on it to transform it away from the dump it was when we bought it, I’m still not satisfied. I don’t get that homey feeling ever, and there isn’t one room in this house that I just love. In fact most of the rooms bug me for some reason, and I still can’t get the grossness of the previous owners & their presence out of this place. Even after 3 1/2 years.

Many of the windows are still old, cracked, with no screens. One pane in the dining room even has a tacky red, white, and blue “Aim high” Air Force sticker on it that we keep forgetting to remove. Sure, new windows is on the to-do list, but that’s a big one, and knowing Ronnie he’ll want to install them himself instead of pay for labor, so I can just count on waiting awhile for that project!

Then there’s our closet doors. Two mirrored sliders on a digusting, rusty track. It squeals and catches every time we open or close it. I’ve been so tempted to take a sledge hammer to those doors to put them out of commission and force us to get new ones sooner than later.

I could go on, but point taken. I don’t like being at home. Period. So the last few weekends with no plans, no babysitter, and no money to even make plans, made me into a crazy woman.

Luckily on Friday, Ronnie came to my rescue (or his?) and got his mom to keep Skyler for the night. We both had the afternoon off, so we hopped on the motorcycle and headed to visit a winery in Eudora that we wanted to check out. It was a fun, last minute getaway, and then we met my brother and his girlfriend in Westport for dinner. Besides the tummy ache I had when we got home (I managed to eat a lot of unhealthy stuff over the course of that day), it was a fantastic change of pace to the downward spiral of boredom and stir-craze that I’d been living.

The rest of the weekend has shaped up nicely as well. Yesterday morning Skyler and I met a good friend and her two kids at Deanna Rose Farmstead. And today, we’re taking dinner over to some good friends and meet their new baby boy.

Next up, lots of photos! And I have a hilarious video of Skyler being, well, Skyler, I guess.

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