Gotta get caught up

First, be sure you’ve read the previous post – it is a major milestone for us!

I’ve been very behind on posting here. So, let me get caught up by saying that Skyler is talking LOTS these days (she says MAMAMAMAMAMA and DADADADADADA and BABABABABABA all the time,) so who knows if she knows what she means – it sounds like her basic necessities: Mama, Dada, and Bottle. Whether of not it means anything, it’s the cutest most sweetest voice i’ve ever heard. And now then, I’m posting several videos and photos…

Turn the volume up for this one – Skyler is learning her vowels (this is prior to the mamas and dadas – haven’t got that on video yet)!

Playing catch:

This one is hard to see b/c it’s dark, but Bruno is giving Skyler lots of kisses, and she loves it and hates it! –

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  1. Those videos are so cute! I love how she just watches Bruno kiss her arms and legs but when he goes for her face she flails her limbs 100 miles per hour! She is such a character! I love it!

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