Good Things

Friday’s text message conversation with my friend:

Me: I am suspicious…
Her: Of what?
Me: Things!
Her: Um….good things or bad things? What happened?

I noticed Thursday that our guest bedroom had been cleaned up, along with the rest of the house. Ronnie comes home during the day and cleans a lot, but only typically the rooms we use, not the spare room. Then Friday, more things happened…

The plan for several weeks was to go out with work friends to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Ponak’s on Friday night, to celebrate my 30th birthday. I was going to leave work, swing by and pick up Ronnie, and head off to the restaurant to meet everyone. But my boss scheduled a meeting with me at 3 and then told me to go ahead and go home to get ready; that Ronnie had a surprise for me and I needed to be ready but OUT OF THE HOUSE by no later than 5 pm. But I was still to head over to Ponak’s.

So I followed my orders, despite the suspicions. Ronnie let me know he would meet me there but had “things to do.” So I headed to the restaurant, met up with coworkers, and waited…

After about an hour, I noticed Ronnie making his way through the crowd in the busy bar area, and I started recognizing other familiar faces with him, like my mom, my brother. Then my friend from out of town (who I was texting earlier with suspicions!), another friend, my dad, my other brother, more friends…it ended up not just Ronnie, but more than fifteen other friends and family members than the dozen that were already there from work!

An otherwise great family photo…

We had a wonderful [gigantic surprise] dinner party at Ponak’s, and then we headed to a new club that Ronnie had reserved us a VIP spot for the evening. It was such a fun evening and a great surprise!

Sitting in our VIP seats at NRG club

It was a great topper on a really fun birthday week, much more fun than I had imagined turning thirty could be. Sunday was family birthday with yummy red velvet cake, Tuesday Ronnie gave me my present, which was a new lens for my camera. Wednesday my coworkers brought in lots of good food, a bottle of wine, and my friend knitted me a really cute teal scarf!

Today we had a surprising amount of fun at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Skyler ran around climbed and jumped on every couch and chair she liked. I wish I would’ve brought my camera because the static in her hair was unbelievable. It was sticking straight out the whole way around after rolling around on all the furniture! Our purpose for going there was to buy her a brand new bed for Christmas. We went with a full size so we shouldn’t ever have to buy her a bed again, and her crib turns into a nice full size headboard. We followed our shopping with a nice family lunch at a BBQ place, and then home for movie time!

It’s been an all-around good weekend, and tonight I finished up with wrapping presents and putting them under the tree! Only a couple more small things to get, and I can’t wait for Christmas in a few days!

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