Good night

Skyler had a great night last night. She slept for nearly 5 hours without stirring, her stats were almost perfect the whole time, and she didn’t even wake when the nurse came to do her charts. That also meant that we got a little more sleep, except for her monitors beeping and waking us up, at least we were able to catnap and not worry about Skyler.

This morning was a rough one, though, for her. Here is how it went:

Nurse comes in early a.m. to draw blood. Took a couple tries – Skyler hates it. X-ray team shows up shortly thereafter to do the daily chest x-ray, Skyler hates it. After everyone is done pestering her, Ronnie feeds her and she downs 5 ounces (the most she’s eaten in days). Unfortunately nurse comes back in and says she has to draw more blood, which takes a couple tries, so Skyler is all out of sorts. Ronnie picks her up to comfort her when it’s all over, but she is so upset that she commences puking all over herself and him. Pretty sure the entire 5 ounces came back up. The nurse came in and helped get everything cleaned up, including a sponge bath for Skyler (which again, she hates!) and finally she gets to lay down and rest. After a bit of resting we fed her again and the she fell asleep with her blankie for a couple hours. Finally, peace!

Besides the rough morning, she is still doing good. Every nurse and doc that have seen her since the RSV diagnosis have said she doesn’t even look or act like a baby with RSV. So that is good! They say her lungs still look great. The head PICU doc came in a bit ago to look at her and said she will talk to the surgical team about getting her on the schedule asap. She said tomorrow would be a stretch, but Monday is highly likely. She will let us know as soon as she talks to them. We are in fairly good spirits now besides being tired and impatient. We just want to get over this hump of surgery and on the road to recovery. But we also understand she has to be as healthy as possible to have surgery, so it’s just a catch 22.

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  1. That is great news (that she is recovering so quickly from the sickness… so she can go into surgery…)

    My family has prayed together for you, Ronnie and Skyler. I’ve sent the prayer request to some prayer warriors and group of believers who meet weekly to pray (who’ve passed it forward). Prayer works!

    God bless

  2. uh, what a rough morning! that just breaks my heart.
    when hank was 6 months old we had to take him in for a CT Scan at Children’s Mercy to rule out a skull condition (everything turned out fine!). but i remember how worried we were, how unpleasant it was to sleep deprive him for the tests, driving there before the sun was up, and seeing all of the big scary medical equipment around your precious little baby. it just makes you feel sick to your stomach.
    Ryan and I are thinking about you three. We wish Skyler a speedy recovery!

  3. Hey Guys! We are all praying for you! Skyler is going to be one happy baby after this is all over! I can’t believe how happy she was before all of this..just think about how many smiles you all will get when she is well!
    Hang in there and please keep us updated!

  4. Skyler-Roo sounds like such a trooper. Keep up the good work Mom and Dad! May God bless Skyler to get her rest and get well for surgery!

  5. I’m glad to hear that Skyler is feeling better. Prayers for a comfort, strength and speedy recovery 🙂

  6. That’s great news that the surgery could be as early as Monday, Lori. We’ll keep the prayers coming your way! Give little Skyler a squeeze from me.

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