Giving Thanks

This is the weirdest Thanksgiving to date. I’ve been at home all day with Skyler, counting the minutes till it’s time to head to my side of the family’s dinner. Ronnie went to his family’s dinner earlier today without us since we decided it would be better not to take our germ infested child into his grandparents’ home along with the other children there. I’ve been vigilant in keeping fluids in Skyler, which is a chore when she doesn’t want plain or flavored Pedialyte or water. The one thing she will sort of drink is Ensure protein shakes. Thank God because it has lots of calories and vitamins to help give her some nutrition since she won’t eat anything either.

She was napping around 1:30 this afternoon as I sat here at the computer, trying to find something to do. I was eating a grilled cheese sandwich and thinking forlornly about Ronnie and his family, and so many other families, that were enjoying their traditional Thanksgiving dinners. I started to feel sorry for myself but then stopped short because I knew there were other people that didn’t even get to eat a grilled cheese sandwich on Thanksgiving.

So instead of complaining this Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to turn my complaints into thanks. Here goes…

I’m thankful that Skyler’s bug is only a bug, and not something worse, like battling a heart condition. And I’m so thankful that chapter in her life is over.

I’m thankful for the leak in our bathroom ceiling, because it means we have a roof over our heads. And the messy house, because it means we can afford the things we need/want.

I’m thankful for the hours that Ronnie works, even though we don’t get to see him much during the week, because his business keeps growing and we are not currently struggling financially.

I’m thankful for the two cars we have, neither of which I like. The one I drive has heated seats and great gas mileage. Ronnie’s tin can gets him to and from work, and has allowed us to purchase the motorcycle. Despite the limited usage during this time of year, it has still brought him great joy to be able to ride it.

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  1. What a great reminder. I need a swift kick in my pants to remind me of how thankful I should be. Skyler is still cute as ever.

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