Getting closer!

Skyler’s Nitroglycerine drip has been off since this afternoon, and her Nitroprusside is now down to the lowest dosage! She’s still on the Milrinone but it’s always been at the lowest dosage, and it will be the last one to go. They also turned her oxygen completely off a little bit ago and she’s breathing deep enough on her own to maintain her blood oxygen levels. Her blood pressure even recovered much faster after her most recent breathing treatment, so it seems like things are going in the right direction!

She’s been much more peaceful today, too. They have quit giving her Morphine and the other longer term pain med, and switched her to Oxycodone and Ibuprofen. She’s seems much better on those anyway, and it’s nice to get her off the narcotics. We didn’t want to be bringing home a heroine addict!

Our nurse today has been wonderful. She was one of our favorites (and Skyler’s) before surgery. Skyler doesn’t cry nearly as much when she’s her nurse, so it’s easier on us too. She’s been on top of Sky’s blood pressure every ten to twenty minutes, watching for consistent numbers so she can continue to wean her off the meds. It’s great to have such attentiveness after the nurse we had a couple days ago. It seems like she knows how badly we want to move on, and she’s doing her best to make it possible.

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