Free at last!

We are home! Skyler and Ronnie made it home with no problems and got settled right in. I, on the other hand, just didn’t quite get enough of the Children’s Mercy experience. On the way home I went to our local CVS to fill her half dozen prescriptions. Apparently, they didn’t carry those medications in the liquid form, but could order them and have them by the next day. That wasn’t going to work since Skyler was due for another dose anytime. So the pharmacist called several other CVS’ stores to check and none of them had everything in stock either. Are you kidding me? What is she on, some rare new medications that kids never take? The pharmacist said I was probably best off to go get the prescriptions filled at Children’s Mercy since they would for sure have the same meds in the form she’d already been taking.

Oh, how convenient! You mean the place that I just packed up and left? I’m sure their pharmacy isn’t busy at all, either, since no other pharmacy seems to carry children’s medications! So I called CMH pharmacy to see if they could find her prescriptions in the system anywhere and go ahead and get them started so I wouldn’t have to wait so long. Of course, they couldn’t fill anything without the actual written prescription in their hands. So I ever so happily got back in my car and drove back to the hospital, where I proceeded to their prescription drop-off. Wait time – twenty five minutes. Bearable, I guess.

The wonderful thing about their pharmacy waiting room is that it’s also the waiting room for their outpatient lab. That means there are lots of kids sitting in the waiting room either about to get their blood drawn, or have just gotten it drawn, or have to undergo other enjoyable lab procedures. It was much more pleasant than I’m sure what Ronnie was dealing with – bringing Skyler back home and showing her all her favorite toys, feeding her on the comfy couch, watching her smile in delight that things are back to normal. Ick, that sounds miserable! The pharmacy must have known I was having such a blast because they let me stay for a full hour before making me leave with Skyler’s meds. I think my favorite part about the whole experience was that I got to drive home in rush hour!

When I finally got home a couple hours later, this is what I came home too:


4 responses to “Free at last!”

  1. I am so happy to know you guys are finally home! I bet the feeling is great…So good to see Skyler smiles a healthy beautiful smile again. I admire what you and Ronnie have been through. Keep all the good works and we keep praying for your little family 😉
    Huong & Brent

  2. I’m so glad you guys are finally home and starting to move forward. She looks so good! And it’s nice to see you never lost your sense of humor! =)

  3. She is beautiful, nice to see that smile again! Glad that you are all back at home and recovering.

  4. Ah, that looks just right! I’m so glad your little family is back home. Love you guys.

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