First ear infection!

I can’t believe we’ve made it nearly ten months and Skyler has just now gotten her first ear infection! So, we’ve gotten to add another set of meds to her usual daily barrage of medication. Luckily, she’s a pro, so taking some amoxicillin in addition to the rest is no biggie for her.

She started running a fever last week and besides some mild crankiness and a higher-than-normal desire to be held, she had no other symptoms. The fever went up and down but when it was up, it kept getting higher. My mom was watching her Thursday and finally called me when her temp got over 102, so I took her to the doc (luckily they squeezed me in before closing for the holiday!). Sure enough, as soon as the doc stuck the little light-up-microscope thing in her ear, she screamed bloody murder! And the doc confirmed it was a swollen red situation going on in there. The doctor also printed off her growth chart for us, because she is officially back on it at just over 16 pounds. She’s in the 5th percentile for weight! Her doctor was so excited, and so was I. It’s nice to know her weight is considered healthy now.

I was more than relieved with news of an ear infection! And, I’m probably not sympathetic enough to her. After all, she’s been through heart surgery – what’s a sore ear? But then she probably doesn’t even remember the hospital at this point, so I’m sure it’s bad enough to her! She seems to be getting better, though not 100% yet. We went ahead and left her with my parents yesterday so we could head to Jefferson City to spend the 4th with some friends out on their boat. We got a flat tire just outside of Odessa and thought for sure that was a sign we should turn around and head home, but luckily we had a full-size spare, so after a quick tire change, we were back on the road! We watched one of the coolest fireworks shows from the alley behind my friend’s sister’s house, which backed up to the Missouri River, just a few blocks from the capitol building. So we looked out over the river as they put on a big show on the other bank. It was a really cool setting!

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