First Day

Skyler’s first day at her new daycare was a success! I was so nervous that she would get scared at an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces, but apparently she didn’t mind at all! When I dropped her off, there was just one other child there, a chunky 7 month old boy named Jacob. He was all smiles and bouncing in the jumparoo. Skyler thought he was pretty interesting. We laid her on the floor with some toys and she commenced to her usually kicking of the legs and playing with the toys next to her. She was pretty smiley, so I kissed her and left her!

I talked to her teacher, Lynde, at noon, and she said Skyler was doing wonderfully. She said she had lots of smiles and was just wide-eyed at all the activity. They had a “kindermusic” teacher come this morning and Skyler got to shake some bells along with the group. When I picked her up, Lynde said she ate and napped well, and was just a joy to have in her care. She even told me that Skyler had probably the best first day of daycare of any child she had ever watched. She was really impressed with how laidback and content she was.

It just made my day and relieved my heart to know that Skyler enjoyed herself! I know how content she is at home and at my mom’s house, so I didn’t want to mess anything up! Luckily, she just went with the flow. I am just thrilled that the first day went so well!

On top of it, she is officially teething. There are a couple places on her gums where I can really feel some sharp little teeth trying to come through, and she is “chewing” all the time and rubbing her gums with her fingers. She’s had a few cranky bouts where she bites down on her finger and then just cries, so we busted out the Baby Motrin and that seems to calm her very quickly!

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