Fingers crossed

I’m a little worried that Sky’s surgery could get postponed again. No one has said anything, but I think that her cough is worsening and actually sounds like she has more chest congestion. None of the nurses or docs have been concerned when listening with the stethescope, so I hope it’s just me being paranoid.

She slept almost 12 hours last night! She should have, though, since she might have had a 30 minute nap all day long. She was just wide awake and talking and playing a lot of the day. The only time she really woke up was shortly after midnight when she was hungry, so Ronnie fed her and rocked her back to sleep. Then they drew blood from her heel at 4 this morning, but as soon as it was over she was back to dreamland. She slept through all her other vital checks. She’s been up and super happy all day today. We’ve gotten lots of smiles and coos, and she even loves her nurse!

The surgeon came in this morning to talk to us about the surgery and see if we had any questions. He’s actually a different surgeon that originally planned, but the two have worked together for years and this guy is also highly recommended.

We’ve been in such a holding pattern the last few days that the reality of heart surgery hasn’t hit me yet. When the surgeon talked about the risks this morning, it got me thinking seriously. He said Skyler is at higher risk since her heart isn’t in the best shape, but they are still confident in her recovery. He said it’s about 1 in 100 of these surgeries that they have complications. I got pretty upset this morning after that, just thinking about the odds and what if Skyler was that one. I broke down when I started thinking of all the what-ifs. The hours of her surgery are going to kill me while we wait. All I can think about is bringing my baby home healthy and healed. That is the goal we are going for here, and I hope and pray nothing gets in the way of that. This morning she has just been all smiley and playful and I’ve been cherishing every bit of it. I just want to soak it all up for the small chance that the unmentionable could happen. I hate this waiting. But if there was ever a lesson in living life to the fullest and spending time with your loved ones, this is it! I don’t want to lose a moment!

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  1. Lori –

    I was really thinking about you and Skyler last night. I am glad to hear that the surgery is supposed to be today. I hope that she is able to have it done today and start healing.

    Many prayers coming your way,

  2. This is rough, just got word about being in the midst of surgery, know that you, Ronnie and Skyler are in my (and others) prayers.

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