Fingers crossed

Skyler seems to be getting even more opposed to her formula, so I placed a call to the doctor. I wondered if it could be that she needs to go back on Zantac (for stomach acid). She was sent home from the hospital on that but her cardiologist didn’t refill it. She said our pediatrician could continue it if we felt she needed it. So we let her off it for awhile. It seems like since then, she’s steadily gotten less interested in her bottle. I actually had a teeny bit left, enough for a couple days, so we tried that recently and it seemed to help. So I talked to the doctor’s office about it and they called in another prescription for the Zantac. She had a dose tonight and has still not been into her bottle, but maybe it takes a few for it to kick in and calm her tummy. I really hope that’s all this is and it’s not something worse! Please pray that she just needs to stay on this stuff a little longer and that’s all that we are dealing with here!

In other news, I think we found a daycare to try out starting next week. I’m not completely sold on this place, but we will try it out and see. The price is reasonable, the house is nice, the daycare lady is nice, and Skyler seemed comfortable there. The only thing I didn’t like was the lady’s appearance – she was a bit disheveled looking, and was wearing dirty sweatpants. Granted, it was afternoon and she’d been playing with kids all day. I guess I would’ve at least changed into some jeans if I knew someone was coming to interview me, but maybe I’m just being too picky. And, she was recommended to me by a friend at work who grew up in her neighborhood and hung out with her son. She’s known her for a long time and said she’s great, so that in itself means more than if I met a nice-looking daycare teacher that was a complete stranger. So, we’ll see…

Tomorrow my mom and Ronnie’s mom could neither one watch Skyler, so my friend Heather (she has 1-year-old son Braden) is going to watch her! She stays home with Braden and has offered to backup on daycare anytime we need it, so tomorrow is the perfect opportunity! Weather permitting, they are going to go meet some other kids at the park. Hopefully between that fun trip and all of Braden’s toys, Skyler should have a blast!

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  1. I think B is in love! He had such a good time with Skyler today. He brought her things, talked to her, and made her laugh harder than I could! If she wasn’t such an incredibly easy baby then having two today would have been hard…I don’t know how people do it with twins. She’s SOO great though!
    We’re going to have to get those two together more often. Braden was so wiped out he wanted to go to bed early and he’s sleeping pretty soundly for him…SWEET! If he sleeps past 6:30 tomorrow morning then I’m going to be begging for them to hang out a lot more!

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