Favorite Things – Spring Edition

Spring must be the best time of year for me to start listing my favorite things – there are SO many. Here goes, in no particular order:

– Thunderstorms
– No jackets
– No socks
– Redbud trees in bloom
– Decks/patio’s
– Enjoyable jogging – not too cold, not too hot
– The breeze through open windows
– A little sunburn
– Watching flowers come out of hibernation, checking daily to see how much bigger they’ve grown
– Chilled white wine
– Driving with the windows down
– Leaving work with a few hours of daylight left to enjoy
– Taking Skyler to the park
– Dogwood trees in bloom
– Motorcycle rides
– BBQ’s
– Good berries at good prices

That list also pretty much sums up our life over the past couple weeks. There isn’t much on there we haven’t experienced recently, and this is my ideal life. I really should think about moving south…

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