Don’t Forget!

Sometimes I get caught up only writing about the significant things in our lives – major milestones, events, deep thoughts – that I forget to document some of the most wonderful things that come and go with Skyler. So here, I’m going to jot them down.

– Since she was sitting in a highchair, Skyler has always wiggled with delight anytime she eats something tasty. She will kick her legs rhythmically during an entire meal of something she enjoys. And if not in her highchair, for instance sharing a piece of chocolate or a cookie with one of us while we’re sitting on the couch, she’ll run around or jump up and down once she gets that tasty bite in her mouth. The way she enjoys good food makes me enjoy good food even more!

– Another food-related memory we like to call “the baby bird.” When she wants what we are eating, she just walks up with her face as close to the food as possible and her mouth wide open, big eyes staring at us. Waiting, patiently, expectantly, for a morsel to make it’s way in her mouth.

-Some kids suck their thumbs are play with the silky tag on a stuffed animal. Skyler plucks Pink Bear’s fur. Between two fingers she absent-mindedly pulls up on his fur, when she’s riding with him in the car, falling asleep, or even just walking by him on the floor, she’ll stop briefly to get a good pluck or two and the be on her way.

– She has been into blankies for awhile now. She found her flannel receiving blankets stacked in a drawer and now they are always out and about everywhere (there’s at least a dozen). She likes to spread them out flat on the floor, or cover up Pink Bear, Bruno, Mom, Dad, dolls, pillows, you name it. But she only likes to cover things up one blankie at a time. If she asks for help and you pile several blankies on at once, she gets upset and yells “One at a time!”

– Ever since she was recovering from her surgery she’s had protein shakes to drink on a regular basis. We all drink whey protein in this household, so the top of our fridge has bags & containers of different brands and flavors depending what’s on sale or if Ronnie’s clients gave him some they didn’t like (score!). Skyler now knows that’s where her “chocolate milk” comes from, and she’s particular on which bag even. Currently there’s a purple bag of protein with a colorful diagram on the back that she thinks looks like a beach ball, and a black bag with green on it. When she wants milk she’ll ask for either the “beach-a-ball one” or “gween one.” I don’t think she really knows the difference in taste, but it’s more which bag she likes the look of better at that time.

I’m sure there are many other little things I should be writing down, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. These are the things I’m going to need to dig down and remember fondly someday when she’s an introverted teenager that doesn’t talk to us!


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  1. Hey Girl — Long time no see. I swear we are going to go to lunch some time and the days seem to turn in to weeks and then weeks into months and it’s probably been a year since I’ve seen you. I catch up with you and Skyler and Ronnie from your blog and absolutely love it. You crack me up! I hope you have time for your old friend Joy soon. I could sure use a little girl time. My kids are growing up so fast and I feel as though I am getting older every second oh and baby #6 is due June 7th. Miss you!!
    Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!
    Joy McRae

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