Digital Mom

I guess that is the new term for my demographic. It was a feature on the Today’s Show earlier this week, and they even had one of the funny mommy bloggers that I recently started following. It’s kind of exciting to have an official classification like this, because I always just thought I was geekier than most moms!

It has been a bit challenging being a digital mom as of late, because our wireless Internet at home has been acting up again so I haven’t been able to get online much. But here are a few quick updates from our world:

– Skyler is walking more than she is crawling! She’s figured out it’s a fun way to get from here to there. It is so dang adorable.
– Oops, I did it again – went to another NKOTB concert earlier this week! In Tulsa. Yes, I traveled to get there. And it was worth every one of the 250 miles I drove to get there.
– I entered that mommy blogger contest this week and I cannot stop thinking about it. I really hope I win! I’m nervous though because I entered my email into their “news/updates” form and there was a website error, so I hope that my actual registration for the contest went through. I didn’t receive any email confirmation, so I’m a little nervous.
– I also signed up to be a team leader for the American Heart Association walk at the end of May. I will be fundraising and trying to recruit others to join me. I am super excited to be a part of this now, and will be walking in tribute of Skyler! I’ll be setting up a fundraising website and campaigning in the near future, so please, join me for the walk or donate!

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