Counting Down

Our Florida vacation is right around the corner, and every hour it gets closer the more my mind wants to check out of work. But this week became oddly busy at work so the more I want to check things off my to-do list to wrap up before I’m out of the office for six days, the longer the list grows! It’s a strange mental place to be, trying to increase my productivity and capacity at the same time that my give-a-crap wants desparately to slip away and into vacation mode. I doubt I’ll really get everything marked off the list and wrapped up tightly with a bow, but as long as I can get the right things done enough, I can leave it and know it will be fine till I get back.

I started packing last weekend, and pretty much all Skyler’s and my clothes are in the suitcases. I will just need to add my daily necessities in there and get our entertainment together for the long, two-day-hope-we-don’t-all-hate-eachother-by-the-time-we-get-to-the-beach road trip. It’s going to be somewhat an adventure, since it’s our first vacation with Skyler, her first road trip of being strapped in a carseat for more than a couple hours, and we’ll be vacationing with both our parents. All kinds of fun new experiences!

Tonight I’m cleaning up the house, and tomorrow after work, I’m having girls over for Wine Night. This weather is amazing and perfect for sipping wine with girlfriends on the deck. We’re going to light the firepit and soak up the mild Fall evening before one last day of work. Even the last day of work isn’t too shabby – we have our all company picnic at Shawnee Mission Park all afternoon, so we’ll be dismissed to leave the office by 11:30 am! Life is rough…


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