Copy that.

It’s so weird to read someone who always just snatches the thoughts almost word for word out of my head and then types them on her own blog as if they were her thoughts. But they sound way better than they did in my head anyway. Which is often the case with my favorite blogger, Linda, on Sundry Mourning. If I only have time to keep up with one post of many blogs out there, this is the one I will always read.

Today, especially, as it’s been one of those days where I just get stuck in the monotony of life and wonder what the heck are we doing? What am I doing at work? Why is it stressing me so much? Why isn’t there more to this annoying daily routine? Why does it seem so much time we spend wasting on doing the same dirty dishes and laundry, over and over and over? And then fight with our significant other over stupid stuff like this that doesn’t even matter? Why do I spend so much lame time online pricing vacations I’ll never take, instead of finding something productive or meaningful to do in the here and now? I know there’s some strange hidden joy in the big picture of all this, but it’s usually impossible to see until you’re looking back on it from a different place.

Anyway, today, Linda’s post, I wish I could just hit a “share” button and it would repost to my blog without being some sort of online copyright violation. Except for the “revolving around a bottle” part, it’s pretty much straight from my own stream of consciousness, often and lately. I guess it’s a comfort to know I’m not the only one…


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