Catching up…

I haven’t written for awhile, so I need to get caught up!

First, Skyler had her 4 month doctor appointment a couple weeks ago. I was actually really surprised at her weight, which was only 12 pounds. She has felt so heavy lately, I thought for sure she’d be heavier! So she’s just a petite little thing, but her doctor said she is doing great! She had shots of course, which is no fun, but it was over so fast, we both did great! All Skyler needed after the pain of the shot was Mommy’s arms and then a nap. No problem! Her doctor also said that we could start feeding her solids anytime we were comfortable. Surprisingly, she recommended we skip the rice cereal and go straight to veggies. She believes that to develop healthy eating habits and a taste for healthy foods, to start with veggies, and then meat. She said it won’t hurt to avoid the fruits and cereals altogether until she’s much much older and is relying on solids for her nutrition.

So, we started experimenting with green beans! I posted a few photos from the first experience. She made some wonderful faces, but overall, I think she is liking them! She actually opens her mouth for more, “chews” it up, and swallows. I think this weekend I’m going to try and puree our own veggies for her to eat. It just seems like it would taste better, be healthier, and probably save money in the long run. So, we’ll see how that goes!

Skyler has also become quite the singer. She just sort of hums all the time, over and over. She’s trying to talk really, but is too lazy to open her mouth. It is really pretty adorable. That’s how I know when she is awake in the morning, because I hear her humming on the monitor. Then she usually does it all the way to Grandma’s for the day, and all the way home. She will either be a singer or talker (or both) once she figures it all out!

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