Catching up – Part I

Thank you, Amy, for the reminder to publicize my weight loss progress! Overall, my nutrition has been pretty darn good. I will admit to two meals over the weekend that were far from healthy, though. One happened at a couple’s wedding shower we attended on Saturday, involving bbq, cole slaw, breads and chips and dip, and one rich piece of chocolate cake. On the bright side, I made a conscious effort to eat one serving of fresh veggies, hoping they’d help fill me up and at least get some good vitamins in there. It didn’t, however, keep me from overeating that meal! Then the next day was Skyler’s birthday, which we had all kinds of yummy food, actually very similar to the prior night! I attempted the same strategy with veggies but again, it didn’t work. I still ate way too much of the bad stuff!

However, two bad meals out of a week and a half since my last post, I think is not too shabby. I’ve also been fitting in more workouts. Sunday I actually ran seven miles! It was a gorgeous evening and had it not gotten dark, I could have gone further, but seven was my goal and I fit it in just before sunset. I ran and did push-ups yesterday on my lunch hour as well, and tonight I did a workout video targeting lower body. I don’t remember last week’s workouts but I know I fit in a couple, but could’ve done better.

I’m now down 1 pounds, to 134. It doesn’t seem like much but after Saturday and Sunday I was up to 137 for a couple days, so at least I’m headed back in the right direction.

I also have several friends at work who are working on weight loss goals as well, so we’ve been trying to keep each other accountable. Some of us try to workout at lunch a few times a week, and another friend and I exchange daily emails with each other listing what we ate the day before, as well as our weight. She calls it being “accountabili-buddies,” which I think is hilarious. It does help planning my meals knowing that I’ll have to owe up to them on paper the next day.

Oh, and before I move on from this topic, I must post a review of what I think is a very interesting food product: Amy’s California Veggie Burger. I’ve been trying to get more veggies in my diet, so I thought this might be an easy lunch option. Believe me, I was skeptical. It’s made of mushrooms, grains, veggies, and nuts. I don’t even like mushrooms! But I tried it, and while it tastes NOTHING like a beef burger, it actually is quite tasty. It’s also nothing like other veggie burgers I’ve tried that have a heavy soy flavor (i.e. – elementary school burgers). I can’t even really describe the flavor but it was very wholesome and good, and I will definitely purchase these again!

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