Bikers for Babies

Has it really been almost a year since my highlight of last year? Bikers for Babies 2009 was perhaps the best experience I can note from last year. It was about family, giving, community; when people from all different backgrounds and lifestyles come together for one day to raise money and awareness, and celebrate life in it’s most crucial and innocent moment. And the fact that all the money raised at this ride for March of Dimes goes toward local organizations that promote healthy newborn babies. Children’s Mercy Hospital is one of the major beneficiaries, a place we know very well and who helped us through a major milestone in Skyler’s life.

On the radio this morning, Johnny Dare was describing the sound of it to listeners. And unless you’ve heard it, it’s really indescribable. Thousands of motorcycles, all in the same vicinity, on the same road. They’re lined up side by side, front to back, with engines rumbling on the Kansas Speedway waiting to begin the ride. If that sound, thundering in support of life, doesn’t reach down into your heart, you must be stone cold.

This year I’m even more excited, because my side of the family of riders will be complete! My younger brother Sterling did not have a motorcycle last year, but does now, so we’ll all be riding together. Ronnie’s mom will again bring Skyler up to meet us afterward, and I expect she’ll enjoy it even more this year as she’s a little more comfortable around the motorcycle. Now we just have to hope the weather holds up for a beautiful day for a 100 mile motorcycle ride! We still have a week to go before the ride, so if you are reading this and wish to donate a few dollars, you can do it easily by clicking here!

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  1. I’ve been following Skyler’s blog since last year’s Bikers for Babies. I hope I will get to meet you in person at Bikers for Babies this year!

    Would love to talk with you – if you get the chance, would you please email me at

    Thanks – good luck with your fundraising!!

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