Bikers for Babies – Here we Come!

Ever since Skyler went through her ordeal, I’ve wanted to be a part of Bikers for Babies. This is an awesome charity event that happens nationwide, but the Kansas City Bikers for Babies is the largest March of Dimes charity ride in the nation, and one of the largest rides for any charity in the Midwest. And what melts your heart more than seeing a bunch (try a couple thousand) of rough-and-tough men and women, many decked out in their leathers, all convening to ride for a few hours together, after raising money to help babies get born healthy? It’s pretty sweet.

Last year we didn’t have our bike yet, but I was hoping maybe I could ride with my dad on his. But unfortunately the event fell on the same day we were celebrating Skyler’s first birthday, so there was way to much to do for me to get away and ride with my dad. But this year, it falls a week after Skyler’s birthday, so Ronnie and I, along with my parents, brother, and a couple other friends, have all registered to ride on September 20. We’re even going to try and get t-shirts made with Skyler’s photo on it as we ride in her honor!

Since it’s a charity event, we need help to raise money. Our registration fees of $35 already goes toward the fundraising, but we know with the help of our family and friends, we can do better than that! It’s really easy to donate securely online, or you can contact either of us if you’d rather write a check or send cash.

P.S. – Ronnie and I are competing against each other to see who can raise the most. So, take your pick, and click one of our names to donate to whichever one of us you want to win! Ronnie or Lori

I will also have the Bikers for Babies logo in the upper right of the blog until the ride, which also links right to my online donation form. So, please donate for this great cause. And if you know anyone that likes to ride, tell them to register and join us on September 20th!


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