Big milestone!

Skyler was able to go off her breathing tube by 3:30 today! She had no problems at all, thank goodness! She was a lot higher risk due to her RSV, but since it never really reared it’s ugly head, it didn’t cause her any issues getting off the ventilator. This was her biggest step toward recovery. They started waking her up this morning and turning down the ventilator little by little, and her little lungs just picked right up where it left off. Her heartrate and blood pressure got pretty high during that process, but they said it was normal as she was getting upset about the tube in her nose. Once it was out she calmed right down.

She’s been awake a few times for a few minutes here and there. She’s made eye contact with Ronnie and I, furrowing her little brows in concern but then falling back asleep. She’s still pretty doped up on pain medicine so she can stay comfortable. But having that breathing tube out of her nose and off her face makes her so much easier to look at!

The surgeon came in a little bit ago and said she is looking great! He said next they would just start weaning her off most of the heart medications so that we can get moved to a regular floor for the remainder of her recovery. Gosh, I can’t wait! We’re pretty used to the PICU by now, but it’s still emotionally draining. This four month old baby from across the hall was in major heart and lung surgery ALL DAY today, and I just felt for the parents all day. They are still in the waiting room and the nurse was telling them they might not even get to see their baby tonight. Skyler’s nurse got transferred to that case because it was so severe and she was the only nurse on staff trained to handle it. My heart just hurts for that family!

Ronnie and I sat at dinner tonight and recalled how things were just a week ago. It’s surreal to think where we were then and where we are now. It’s been such a haze! I’m just glad we are on the other side of things now. God has brought us quite a ways through this journey of a week, and I’m so thankful He’s answered our prayers the way we wanted!

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  1. So happy to hear that she is starting to recover. I was overcome with joy when I read that she was taken off the ventilator and could be moving rooms soon! We will continue to send positive thoughts and prayers in your direction. Hoping to hear more good news from you all soon.

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