Back to Reality, almost

Yesterday I had to turn in my Chevy Traverse since the 8 week test drive promotion was over. I was slightly relieved to not have the extra responsibility of blogging about it so I could better keep up with this blog, but I was more dreading going back to driving the Jetta. Today, getting Skyler in and out of it was such a hastle – I didn’t even know how to do it without bumping one or both of our heads on the door frame! But hopefully soon we’ll be making our purchase, once we decide what we want and the logistics of making it happen. I can’t wait!

Last weekend Ronnie and I went camping and canoeing with friends, down at the Elk River and had a blast. It was one of our favorite floats we’ve taken; we had fancy canoes, a great camping location, and the river was the clearest and most refreshing water we’ve floated in. We spent more time in the water than anything, and didn’t even get out of the water to go back to camp till sundown! Usually we’re hot and tired and ready to be back on the last mile or two of the float.

Skyler stayed with her Grandma while we were gone. It’s getting harder to leave her these days. She knows exactly when we’re gone and speaks so clearly to whoever she’s with “Where my Mommy? Where my Daddy?” My mother-in-law said she said it over and over this weekend, with a lot less playtime and a lot more missing us. We have our Vegas trip coming up in about a week, which will be 4 nights away, and I feel bad leaving her again so soon! I know once we are there and enjoying ourselves it will be fine, but just knowing that she’s missing us too makes it a lot harder this time.

And finally, I’m beginning to wonder if the events that happened recently described in this post were just a bad dream, because just a few days after that happened, our daughter was back to normal and no one would have ever known! She’s been running, playing, climbing, wrestling – doing all the normal things she did before that one would expect to hurt with a fractured collar bone. She only took Motrin for 3 days after it happened, and then we decided to give it as needed and it was never needed again! It is so bizarre how quickly she healed – it must’ve been the tiniest little crack in her bone that is all better now. We’ve just been so shocked at how things went, but it made the last couple weeks much easier than we expected!


2 responses to “Back to Reality, almost”

  1. Sad I missed out on the float! Sorry you no longer have the traverse. It is the best to hear your child talk to you in sentences. And man, I would love to be headed to vegas with you.

    I know, some random thoughts! You guys have a good July 4th!

  2. i love elk river! i wish ryan would get a little more excited about camping possibilities, but he’d prefer a hotel! oh well.

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