Tonight Skyler and I were “reading” her book that has a bunch of photos of real babies in it. By reading I mean that she rapidly turns the pages and every now and then points something out of interest to her for that split second before turning the page again. I repeated the word “baby” each time she pointed at a photo. Then on her second time through the book, she pointed at the first baby photo and said “beh-beh.” I thought maybe it was coincidence since she uses the “beh” sounds for lots of things, but she continued to turn the pages, pause to point at the babys’ faces, and repeat “beh-beh.” I even swear she said “mooh” when she pointed at the page with the moon in the sky, but I couldn’t get a repeat on that one to be sure.

It also occurred to me that when my own baby can point out other babies and call them babies, she’s not much of a baby anymore.

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  1. CUTE!
    I’m glad you got that new camera by the way…I’ve been enjoying your pics lately more than ever! Your subject is pretty darned adorable!

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