Another quick update

I forgot to mention earlier that they took the drain out of her chest today. That was the tube that came out from her incision area to drain extra blood and fluid from the surgery. Hopefully that will help her comfort level also, not having a tube in her side.

Ronnie and I came back from lunch and they had lowered her heart meds even more, and her blood pressure is still going strong. I guess when they say “wean,” they really mean it. At the rate they are going, if things go well, looks like they hope to have her off the IV heart meds by the end of the day. I’m praying that we are so lucky!

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  1. Hey,
    I am so very very proud of you and Ronnie! I know that you dont feel as strong as you are but you both really are. That must be where Skyler gets it from. It is amazing what you will do for your child and what they will do for you. Even though you feel so far apart from her in the end you cant get much closer! We love you all and please please let me know if there is anything that i can do, i dont mind the drive!!!!

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