Another “it’s about time!”

I mentioned before in recent photos that Skyler’s new favorite thing is to push-up and look around on hands and knees. While she’s still not crawling yet, she made another “big step” for progress today. She finally put some weight on her legs and let us “walk” her around while holding her up! Her knees were so wobbly and she has zero concept of balance, but she has never before put both feet down and pushed on them or took pretend steps. But tonight she really seemed to enjoy it! Ronnie and I “walked” (should I say wobbled?) her back and forth between us, and as soon as she’d get to me, she’d grab me and try to climb up my body.

And, I’ve been setting her up on her knees so that she’s kneeling next to me and then placing toys on the other side of my legs, forcing her to lunge forward from her knees and crawl her way over me. It’s basically an army crawl at this point, but she can make her way over, even if it’s not the most graceful thing! I think she’s finally getting the hint in her mind that her body parts are for more than flailing about while laying on her back. She’s a very strong girl, but she is only just now figuring out what to do with her strength.

It’s relieving for me, as I’ve really thought she might just roll around the rest of her life, because there has been ZERO interest in using her feet for anything other than chew toys. Her doctor wasn’t too concerned at her last appointment, saying it’s just another way that she’s behind as a result of her surgery, but did mention possible physical therapy in a few months if she still showed no interest in mobility, but hopefully she’s on the right track now!

On a side note, I did get the highchair together. After a little break and some mental cooling off (it was still 82 degrees by 8 o’clock last night), I attempted the installation of the backrest that was causing me so much frustration, and it clicked right in! It was smooth sailing from there, and the highchair got used at dinner for the first time tonight. Skyler seemed pleased with the chair, even if she isn’t so thrilled about learning to feed herself! But that’s a whole other challenge these days. Our girl loves to eat most anything, but refuses to put it in her mouth herself. She only wants me to do it! Hopefully with the highchair she will have more “play” opportunities to experiment with edible items that I place on the tray in front of her. But I have a feeling this one is going to require a lot of patience for both of us…

4 responses to “Another “it’s about time!””

  1. I love wobble knees!! Babies look like such little bobble headed hula dancers when they are first learning to use their legs for standing. I can just imagine how cute Skyler looks when you guys help her walk!

  2. Good job with the highchair mom (heat makes me crazy too) and good job with the moving Skyler! I’m willing to bet she’s going to be all over your house in no time!

  3. Way to go SKYLER! Keep moving! I absolutely love reading her updates, and looking at her picture. She is such a beautiful, amazing little girl. The stories you will get to tell Skyler about in her life as a baby and a toddler!

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