Another day

We know that we’ll be here in PICU at least one more day. They did an ultrasound on her heart to see how it was recovering, and while things are going good, they still thought her heart was working a bit too hard to take her off the meds and move to another floor. So she’s back on some blood pressure medicine so her heart can relax and heal, which means we have to stay here. They did remove her bladder catheter and the femoral IV that was measuring direct arterial blood pressure. They will only be using the blood pressure cuff to measure now. The more things they can disconnect her from, the better! We will also get to try and feed her at some point today, whenever she feels up to it. Hopefully soon we can hold her as well.

She’s also had to have breathing treatments every four hours. They had to collapse part of her left lung for surgery, and the treatments are supposed to help pop the lung back open. She really liked it when she was on the ventilator, but now that they have to do it manually, she gets so angry! She grabs the therapists hands and her little knuckles turn white as she tries to fight it. It’s a little nerve racking because her blood pressure and heartrate skyrocket above the limits on the monitor, but all the “experts” seem to think that’s okay since it’s only temporary.

Ronnie and I went home to sleep last night. It was a tough decision to make, but with a roommate in Sky’s room, and too long of a waiting list to get a Ronald McDonald room, we knew it was the only way we’d get any sleep. Bruno was excited to see us, but he must be mad at us for leaving him so long, because he did not come to sleep with us. I think he’s trying to make a point. This morning he gave us dirty looks as we were packing up to leave again, and he would hardly give us kisses goodbye.

Today we just wait around. Luckily I was able to get a laptop so I can get connected with the world again. It looks to be a beautiful day outside, so hopefully maybe we can grab our lunch outdoors and enjoy some of the sunlight. Things get pretty dreary in this place…

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  1. Lori,
    Your blogs bring a smile to my face now, as I read about Skyler’s improvement and her surgeons successes! I don’t like the part about her breathing treatments and her getting upset; but there’s no doubt she has tremendous will.

    Your strength and courage is admired by all of us who read about your experience. Keep being as positive as you are now and soon things will be good again.
    Also, if Bruno needs somewhere to stay – he’s always welcome at our house (I’m serious, anytime). I know he wants his mom and dad but, he’ll have friends and lots of attention with us.

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