Ronnie reads the blog regularly. Last night he didn’t outright say he read the last post, but throughout the evening he randomly quoted my sarcasm as it was written. Things like “I should get some new socks; mine are getting kind of holey” and “Don’t talk to me while I’m watching this. Ok, it’s a commercial, now what were you saying?” It was pretty funny, but it got us both to air a few grievances, and we ended the evening sharing a small tub of ice cream while watching HGTV on our new LCD tv. Another day in Paradise.

Today I’m home with Skyler, who I think just wanted to play hookie today. She woke up with a slight temperature, and again refused to eat much of anything for breakfast as she’s done for the past couple days. I wouldn’t have thought much of it except for the fact that Saturday evening she puked twice in her crib, and has had some pretty horrible diapers for a few days. Precaution told me to keep her home to rest another day before going to daycare. But back to the hookie thing – she is just as happy as can be, and besides not being thrilled about her food, she’s otherwise a happy kiddo, and seems to be enjoying her day at home with me.

I was hoping to get some photos downloaded and up on Flickr, as I’ve taken several lately, but that’s just not happening. Unfortunately, I’m again caught up in another fictional vampire book series, so every down moment I’ve had I’ve been reading. This one is nothing like my beloved Twilight (which I bought the movie on Saturday!), but it’s entertaining nonetheless, with a lot more action and scandal. I do miss my Edward and Bella though, so there’s no telling how often that movie is going to end up in my DVD player. Ronnie will be overjoyed!


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  1. I have to laugh, because randomly Jake and I do the same thing to make amends. If something bothers us, we will just egg each other on to make a point. All in good play though.

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