2:30 in the Morning

As I sit here eating a bowl of Marshmallow Matey’s (white trash version of Lucky Charms) at 2:30 on Wednesday morning, I’m regretting writing yesterday that I just haven’t had time to blog, because here I am, when I’d rather be sleeping. I’ve been wide awake since maybe 12:30 – my mind has raced all the way from bills I need to pay, a fundraiser in July I need to plan, issues at work I need to figure out, and finally to an in-depth self analysis of why things like this cause me not to sleep when I’m amply tired and logically know that everything can wait till tomorrow. But the resourcefulness in me says if I’m laying awake uncomfortably in bed doing nothing, then why not accomplish something? So, I’m blogging!

I originally had grand plans of how I was going to blog all these different posts to cover all the different things we’ve been up to lately, complete with photos to help tell the stories. Despite that I could easily accomplish all that in the 4 hours left before my alarm goes off, I don’t want to make that commitment in case I do start to feel sleep calling me, because then that will be another thing that I’ll feel the need to wrap up before I can relax.

So instead, it’s just a boring rundown with no pictures. Maybe I’ll get to those in my next post.

First – a couple weeks ago Ronnie and I spent Saturday in Jefferson City helping staff a volleyball tournament fundraiser that our friends had created in honor of Super Pierce. Despite a cold and rainy day, we had a great turn out and ended up raising over $1,200!

Speaking of fundraisers, we are gearing up for Bikers for Babies in September. Last year we put very little effort into fundraising and raised over $1,300 in 3 weeks prior to the ride via Facebook updates driving people to make online donations. This year we want to do more, so we’re organizing a pool tournament that’s looking to take place on July 31st at the Clarette Club in Mission. It looks like we’ve already got some great prizes rounded up for a raffle. So we need to get busy getting all this set in stone and getting the word out.

Tomorrow is Ronnie’s and my 4th wedding anniversary. We celebrated on Saturday with a relaxing and tasty dinner at Capital Grille. The best part was, when we showed up for our reservation, the hostess told us that two of Ronnie’s clients had teamed up to take care of our entire dinner! We were shocked, and I am constantly amazed by what Ronnie’s clients do for him, and even more proud of him in his career. He has such a talent for what he does, and it is evident in the continuous generosity that his clients return. Anyway, Ronnie has been planning an anniversary surprise for me that he mentioned back in February. Turns out, he had one of his clients who is an artist paint a giant replica of one of our favorite family portraits. It is pretty amazing, and probably one of the most romantic things he has ever come up with! The only problem was how guilty I felt that I hadn’t done anything like that for him. I just told him someday when we’re rich, I’ll surprise him with a Firebird Trans Am, the car he sold to purchase my engagement ring. That is about the most romantic thing I can think of to return the love.

Well, that is all I can think of with my midnight brain to include in this post. I killed thirty minutes and one bowl of cereal, though the excess milk still left in my bowl is tempting me for another before I try to sleep again. I really wish cereal was a core part of the South Beach Diet because that would make getting in shape for this summer SO much easier…

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  1. Very nice Lori! I know the feeling of missing sleep when you feel you could be doing a million other things! Happy anniversary too! Wonderful! And what an awesome present! Hope your bbq is extra awesome too!

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