1,000 Miles a Minute

It’s hard to believe and explain how quickly Skyler is growing up. Her awareness, interaction, and vocabulary are exploding right now. And her personality…GEEZ her adorable, hilarious, obnoxious, headstrong personality! I see so much of her dad and myself in her unique little ways.

I’ve never seen a child as busy as she is. She builds the blocks up tall and knocks them down, cracking up hysterically when they scatter across the floor on impact, and then she does it again. And again. It cracks her up more and more each time. And lately she insists on my involvement. “Mommy pay bocks! Mommy pay bocks!” And if I don’t immediately stop what I’m doing to sit on the floor and play blocks with her, I am in TROUBLE! Whines, squeals, and a meltdown of disastrous proportions. So I’ve been playing a LOT of blocks lately!

I love her interpretations of language these days. Recently she was pointing at the floor next to her, and adamantly telling me what sounded like “Mommy, bayou! BAYOU!” I’m thinking where the heck does she get this word for the swamps in Louisiana?!?! We visited there while she was in my belly, but this makes no sense! It took me a few episodes of this conversation to realize she was trying to say “Mommy, sit by me! Sit by me!” But she hears me say so often “Want Mommy to come sit BY YOU?” Proper use of pronouns is so overrated!

We were also looking at a book recently, and there was an old looking camera, that she pointed to and said “Mimix!” which is her word for music. She must have thought it looked like the music box in her crib. I said “It’s actually a camera,” and from then on, when she sees that picture in the book, she points and says “Ashlee camma!”

She’s also perfecting her slang. When we ask her a question, she almost always answers with “Ummm…” while she thinks of the real answer. If she doesn’t know the answer she even looks like she’s thinking really hard and answers with “Ummm…?” And she’s moved on from answering “yes” when appropriate. Now she says “Yep!” or “Kay!”

Today at daycare I witnessed a side of her that I wondered if it existed. I was squatted down on the floor while she showed me a toy that she’s been especially infatuated with lately. Riley, who is a sweet little boy around 18 months, walked over next to me and started leaning in to me for what I thought might be a friendly kiss or hug. Skyler looked up and immediately shoved him away from me! He and I both were shocked! I scolded her to be nice, at which point she grabbed Pink Bear, and sternly told Pink Bear to “BE NICE!”

Finally, though I could go on and on about her antics these days, I’ll finish with this lovely note. She and I were playing around in my bed the other night, just the standard peekaboo and goofing around, when she stopped and turned to me rather seriously and out of the blue said “I wan baby brudder.”


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  1. I have this wonderful picture that I see every time she is here. Whenever we go upstairs to change a diaper or take a nap or bath, Skyler trots as fast as she can on the crosswalk with an expression that is just pure joy. Hair flying backwards, legs just a going and a big smile across her face and sometimes squeeling with delight. That picture will remain with me forever.

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