10 Things

I love and hate get severely annoyed with about my toddler:

1) When she drops her precious toy/book/drink/snack while strapped in her carseat while I’m driving, and proceeds to wail, whine, whimper and moan that I don’t stop the car and pick it up for her.

2) When she learns new words that she can’t pronounce, and I have no idea on God’s green Earth what the heck she is repeating over and over to me, adamantly, with tears of frustration and increasing volume. Skyler – crying does not help me to understand you better. Especially since you can’t pronounce whatever it is you want in the first place!

3) When she empties every possible container in the house into the family room.

4) When she throws her crayons on the floor, shattering them into tiny pieces, and then whines and cries when they become unusable and I have to throw them away.

5) When she impatiently insists on a particular dinner entree (hut daaaawwwwwg, hut dawwwwwg!), but shoves it away as soon as I’ve placed it in front of her. Or worse, throws it on the floor.

1) Free hugs and kisses. The kind I don’t even have to ask for.

2) The way her face lights up when I say we’re at Gramma and Papa’s house.

3) When she bounces on her bed while holding the crib rail, jumping up and down excitedly when I go to get her up in the morning.

4) When she crazy dances to the Beepbeep.com and Freecreditreport.com jingles on TV.

5) The way she loves Pink Bear, and likes to make sure he’s included in our activities. If Skyler gets to share ice cream with Mom & Dad, then Pink Bear has to get some bites too.

6) When she insists on “rockeeee” before bedtime, and the way she snuggles up in my arms, face buried in my neck.

7) The way her skin smells – whether it’s post bath or after a long day of play. It’s just her.

8) Her unique pronunciation of so many words: hup (help), cock-cock (chocolate), mump (milk), moey (more), duh-doohs (colors), welwo (yellow – and she KNOWS that color!), walkee (walker, or anything resembling a walking toy, like a cooler with wheels or even her highchair on wheels), nana (Nilla wafer), and mimi (grape – long story is she first saw grapes in a Minnie Mouse book, and she calls Mickey/Minnie both mimi, so apparently grapes are always associated with them!).

9) Her laugh.

Okay I could keep going on the “love” list. But I’ll stop here.


5 responses to “10 Things”

  1. Haha! I love this list! Lori, (and Skyler) you know how to make me laugh!

  2. This made me laugh because I thought my kids were the only lunatics who got excited over the beepbeep.com commercials.

    They even have a dance. 🙂

  3. Don’t worry, Grandma! Skyler doesn’t even know how to spell her name yet, so it looks legit, actually. =) That was cute.

  4. I should have proof read what I wrote. I didn’t even spell Skyler right.

    It’s tough to be 82 and unsupervised.

  5. From Skylar: 1. There, I’ve done it again. Poor Mommie
    2. Mommie and I both get frustrated when I try new words. I wish I could understand all she says but my only responsa is to cry. Now that’s too bad, but someday.—–
    3.Mommie, I am just trying to get your attention.
    4. Maybe I’m too young for crayons. Mommie lets try something else.
    5. I guess I’m growing up a little!! Sometimes I see you not enjoying what you have on your plate. I’ll leearn a better way than throwing it on the floor! I promise.

    Love, Skylar

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