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I cry out to God As only God can know me My heart that I’ve been told is evil My mind I’ve been taught not to trust My flesh that was deemed as temptation Yet these were crafted by my Creator With adoration and love A temple for oneness and worship How could I be …


I feel it in my throat A voice trapped A scream stifled But muscles strangle my soul into silence I feel it in my bones A spirit contained Defined by a deteriorating shell But the body protects the gift it carries I feel it in this room A life that is stuck A longing to …

Gulf Shores

The warm ocean breeze Was a rhythm in my veins Singing never forget where you come From. The sand fell away beneath my toes But the salty foam tide Enveloped my feet Securing me in the Presence. On the edge of the earth I met the Center of my soul.

The work

Why do I feel so guilty? This focus on me. The work to become who I’m meant to be. Peeling back the scabs and reopening the scars What isn’t mine? What is of the stars? Underneath is an unbroken child True love and dreams She was born of the wild But the world told her …

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