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Music, painting, and alcohol

The last couple months of 2019 were both joyful and frantic. I had a surprising volume of pet portrait orders for Christmas which was all a new business to me, so I just buckled down and spent my evenings and weekends cranking them out in time for the holidays. It was exciting and scary and …

So emo

Now that Trump has taken office and got busy right away doing things, I find myself incredibly emotional. And probably not in the way that a lot of people are. I’m emotional about all the emotion that I’m hearing about at work and seeing on Facebook. There is SO much anger and angst. Empathy is …

Where Did I Come From?

Anyone reading this who knows my usual posts probably think this is about one of those tricky parenting conversations. It’s actually not, at all. We’ve had those, though, and they are tricky! And funny. And Ronnie and I tend to explain very differently so Skyler is pretty thoroughly confused at this point, but nevertheless, that’s …

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