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Exploring colorful horse art

When I was a young girl, I was obsessed with horses, and not just My Little Ponies, but that was a big part of it! My room was decorated with horses and unicorns and I was constantly making horse art. I’m sure it started with coloring books, then there was the barnyard scene I won …

Helping the community through art, COVID-19 edition

I probably don’t need to explain what’s going on with COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus that’s been spreading across the globe for the last few months. I have no intention of spreading hysteria with this post, but rather to do what I can to spread positivity while helping some of those most impacted by the …

18" x 24" police dog portrait memorial

Pet portraits for charity

When I started doing commissioned artwork some 6 months ago, I felt a little bit guilty. Why should I take money for doing something that comes easy to me and I thoroughly enjoy doing? I have a healthy salary at my day job and don’t need more money (said no one ever, haha!). Not that …

“Noise” abstract acrylic painting

Painting the Noise

My first abstract painting was done several months ago, when I was just getting back into making art (for the first time in a couple decades, basically). And though I enjoyed it, I found myself pleasantly surprised with orders for commissioned artwork that has basically kept me busy ever since. But last weekend, I was …

Abstract painting

Exploring abstract art

Eek! I haven’t really written in quite sometime now. I’ve been too busy painting! It’s funny how any sort of creative outlet seems to work for me and settle my mind. Whether blogging, writing free verse poetry when I’m too lazy to blog, painting, or even just posting on Instagram. I blogged on and off …

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