• The Gift

    The Gift

    Inside so drab and tedious The air is thick with illness and boredom Winter’s chill weighs heavy But the sun shines So in warm layers I find the water Rolling softly in the steady breeze Tiny waves ripple and sparkle Forwards and backwards Swirling among themselves As if never really moving I am mesmerized Inhale…

  • Afternoon in paradise

    The clouds swirled above in multiple layers Shifting from wind, rain, sunshine We were in the arc of a rainbow I wondered if three different days passed. Twin peaks stood in stark contrast Conducting the clouds Casting gold dust and shadow in the valley I rested in their enduring majesty. The spruce and the aspen…

  • Gulf Shores

    The warm ocean breeze Was a rhythm in my veins Singing never forget where you come From. The sand fell away beneath my toes But the salty foam tide Enveloped my feet Securing me in the Presence. On the edge of the earth I met the Center of my soul.