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Deanna Rose Farmstead

A week ago Skyler and I met my good friend Amy and her kids at Deanna Rose Farmstead, a wonderfully free park/zoo in Overland Park. This place is pretty amazing. I had heard a lot about it, but was still surprised how big it was. You could spend all day there with kids and keep …

All in One

Since I can barely keep up, I’m going to just throw a bunch of stuff together in this post! And while I am still working on the video from Rockfest last week, I’ve got lots of new photos to post. Here goes – Mulberries! When we bought this house a little over 3 years ago, …

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Fun!

Yesterday we hosted a rather impromptu cookout with some friends & their kiddos. Just the day before, Ronnie had mentioned wanting to get the smoker out and put it to use, so we called a few friends and invited them over, hoping they didn’t already have big weekend plans. And, it happened to workout! Ronnie …

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