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Dripping rainbow paint colors

Art as Therapy

2020 has been a real doozy! I say that lightly but in all seriousness it has been one of the weirdest, bumpiest, stress-inducing and even tragic years of our collective lives. I’ve been through some really hard times, and you’ve been through some tough times too, but it’s rare we’re all going through the same …

Music, painting, and alcohol

The last couple months of 2019 were both joyful and frantic. I had a surprising volume of pet portrait orders for Christmas which was all a new business to me, so I just buckled down and spent my evenings and weekends cranking them out in time for the holidays. It was exciting and scary and …

“Noise” abstract acrylic painting

Painting the Noise

My first abstract painting was done several months ago, when I was just getting back into making art (for the first time in a couple decades, basically). And though I enjoyed it, I found myself pleasantly surprised with orders for commissioned artwork that has basically kept me busy ever since. But last weekend, I was …

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