SOLD “Cold and Broken Hallelujahs” – 10” x 20” abstract acrylic painting


Inspired by Leonard Cohen’s classic and soulful ballad “Hallelujah”, this piece came to life while I listened to a playlist of several different covers of that song. the colors are a background of black and white, with orange and gold accents. A ribbon of dark red flows through, connecting the elements of the design. This painting has a lot of texture that isn’t highly visible in the image.

I love how music and art can both be up to the interpretation of the listener/viewer. Whatever that song has meant over the decades, for me it’s a powerful tale of a spiritual journey, and conversations with God. Though I don’t love the colors in this painting visually, they have so much symbolism to the way I interpreted this song. I truly felt this painting as I worked through it.

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