“Kiki, do you love me?” – French Bulldog Print



Kiki, The Keekster, Madea. Kiki is a rescued Frenchie with only one eye, so I took some liberties and painted her with a super cute eye patch, because she is spunky like that! This Diva broke out of her kennel on the first night home, snores like an old man, and barks at my husband Ronnie. If there was a Frenchie football team, she’d be the Fullback. She really does love me, and ONLY me. I had such a blast pulling this acrylic and soft pastel piece together. Original is 20” x 20” canvas; this print is 10” x 10,” please contact me for custom size prints. Because, who doesn’t love a smugass French Bulldog with an eyepatch on a rainbow background?

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8" x 8" print, 12" x 12" print, 16" x 16" print