Workin’ for a Livin’

I’ve mentioned before how much I love my job. It’s not exactly what I pictured myself doing 7 years into the professional workforce, but it’s not too far off either. I knew I’d be in marketing, but I didn’t realize I’d be into geeky marketing, otherwise known as Internet Marketing. And I wouldn’t have expected to enjoy it so much!

I’m currently a Senior Site Manager at PlattForm Advertising, a local but national agency. We specialize in lead generation for mostly educational institutions. I manage the growth and maintenance of two websites. Beauty Schools Directory and Beauty School. Both sites serve to help future beauty professionals find a beauty/cosmetology school to help them get their license, and the schools pay us to help potential students find them. Though we purchased both of these sites in the past two years, they are like children to me, I guess you could say. Anyway, if I wasn’t in the job I am, I likely wouldn’t have this blog. Dealing with websites is not just my job, but it’s an enjoyable hobby for me.

As so it seems for my coworkers as well! There is a lot of talent on our team of site managers, designers, and developers. A lot of them can’t seem to leave work at work, and like me, have their own websites they run on their free time.

Shana, my boss, is one of the most crafty people I know, and has taken her love for crafts and her technical computer skills, and knitted them together to form this craft website. She posts original patterns and how-to’s, and photos of her work. I would also like to point out the pattern and photo of the quilt she made for Skyler, which we love and use it all the time!

Then there are the developers’ websites – these guys all have very different things going on. Donovan has a personal blog, a combination of thoughts on life but also with various links to some of his development projects as well. One of his latest projects is a Find a Pit Bull, which has lots of potential for him! Patrick’s blog is a mashup of “thoughts, rants, and influential creations” ranging from posts from politics and economics to technology, and lots in between. Then Mike, for as quiet and genuinely nice guy he is, he has a political blog where he let’s people know how he feels!

This is only a handful of all the “extracurricular” websites that come from the many cool people I work with. So many of us just can’t quite leave our work at work, but at least we love what we do!

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