Welcome, Spring!

As we cheerfully welcome Spring to our house, not a moment too soon, I’m clearing off my cameras to get ready for lots more picture taking during my upcoming favorite seasons! We actually got out last week on one of the beautiful evenings and shot the photos below. Hopefully soon the brown grass in these photos will be green!

I also finally have some videos to upload here. Random, but such is life!

This is Skyler singing her preschool classroom theme song. For the untrained ears, it’s to the tune of the KU Jayhawks Rock Chalk chant. Her teachers are big time Kansas fans, and she knows both the preschool version and the real version, and sings them almost daily. She has even asked me when we’re going to watch the Jayhawks play basketball. Sounds like I should start keeping an eye on KU tuition, because that might be what we’re saving for!

This was just a random conversation with Skyler. She wanted to talk and watch herself on the camera. The subject matter comes up almost daily in our talks as well. I can’t wait to take her to the ocean again!

The frequent battles between cat and dog. Who’s the boss? Skyler actually likes to boss them around. She told them tonight that they need to play nice and calm down, and if so she would give them a special present. I swear we don’t bribe her that much.

Continued with the more peaceful moments between these two. Ronnie actually found them spooning on our bed a month ago. No kidding.

Finally, Springtime photo shoot. Yippee for no jackets and outdoor playtime! Also, daylight after work!

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  1. Great Grandma Kelley says:

    Lori, get lots of pictures, before you know it she will be snaggled toothed. Her teeth are so pretty now!!!

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