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We’ve been talking up Skyler’s upcoming birthday this year. It’s the first year she halfway gets it and can converse on the subject. We’ve been asking her what presents she wants and what kind of cake she wants, and of course it’s pretty much all Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and GOOFY!!!!!! Today on the way home I showed her the new purse I bought and asked her if she wanted my old purse. Her response:

“I want a NEW purse for my birthday. My birthday is going to be SO fun. I’m going to get so dirty and have to take off all my clothes!”


Ronnie has been thinking and scheming on some big things lately. Things that if they turn out well will be amazing and wonderful for us, and things that if they go wrong…I just don’t want to think about. I’m scared, excited, inspired, and hopeful. It’s going to be a lot of work, but hopefully it will be a great change for our family if it all comes together. He is the energy of the operation and I am playing his devil’s advocate. But I hope that the balance between us will lead to success in this endeavor. Tonight I read this post from my favorite blogger and it reminded me that we are not the only family in this world who takes chances to make big changes in their lives. It makes it feel a little more doable and little less frightening.


I’ve had an annoying itch to go shopping for a Fall wardrobe lately. I come home and look through my fashion magazines and catalogs almost every night and try to narrow down all my “Fall fashion essentials” to something that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars. But it’s impossible! I want new jeans, NICE new jeans that fit perfect, which are never cheap. I want cute tops and sweater vests and cardigans, a camel colored peacoat, and some tall distressed biker boots, in taupe and black! I’m feeling terribly materialistic, an unrealistic way to feel on a mom’s budget. Daycare, cars that need fixed up, upcoming birthdays and vacations to fund, it’s just hard to justify a shopping spree for this Fall. But maybe it will work out; with my frugal sense, maybe I can manage it, one Fall fashion essential at a time…

By the way, today I bought a red purse!


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  2. LHare says:

    I don’t entirely know what that all means- but I can imagine really great possibilities shaping up somewhere in that energy of Ronnie’s (and perfectly balanced by your devil’s advocacy). Hoping the best for you guys-whatever “the best” may be:)!

  3. Maria says:

    Sounds like you guys have some exciting new future endeavors! Happy Early Bday to Skyler! I would like a new red purse too. There is something about wearing red that makes you feel bold. Happy days!

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